Self Titled

by Grindhouse

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released April 30, 2014

Thanks to Dethrone Studios for the patience and to Nick Prostamo for the art!



all rights reserved


Grindhouse Brighton, UK

The piss end of all music

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Track Name: Dreamathon
Born cold, out of luck
It's the price I pay for what I've done
And all I've seen is luxuries
And man's corruption to get what he needs
But I can't change the ways, I just count the days
Until what we fear has become

I'll never fall asleep again
I won't rest my head, that part of me is dead
I watched myself change into the state's slave
To sacrifice financial gain, socialised losses
To put pressure on the pain that we've been feeling for days

The cycle will break, tongues will dry out for the sake
To stop the pain

But for now, It goes on and on

I've been swimming in the ocean, now filled with disease
And as I take my last breath, one thing becomes clear
These words that I have said take shapes that are meaningless
And I will know that it's time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye to your friends
You won't be seeing them again
Track Name: Moove Gronster
Caught by the grave I've been sinking in
Caught by the grave
The riders follow my every step, cold blooded and hungry
There lies my lonely grave
Wolves in chains chasing the last fractal essence of me
The disappearing act of the century

It's all becoming clear, My mind's left to the side
And I have nothing to fear

Oh, What a nice place to be
where it's all covered in gold
covertly old
Track Name: Dead Eyes
Blabbering fucking fools
Test with no amend
Attempting to construct
What cannot be fixed
With missing sight you cannot even comprehend
The pain you felt

Dead Eyes

Lost moment
We are filled with our lost moments
Where the hell has time gone, deserted
And as backs break
We all deserted what we truly believe
Staring with them dead eyes at the wall

Blinded by half sought options
In the need of clarity
Brain dead hedonist
Inconsiderately prying
Importunate madness
Shielding them eyes

Nothing for guidance
Lead by the hand of the visionless
In plain sight
Dissuaded by fears of a....

You can be certain of adversity
You can be certain of tragedy

Those dead eyes
Track Name: Haruspex
Haruspex, can you tell me
Where will I go wrong?
Break the rib cage, Swallow the tongue
Where in the entrails does it say I belong?

Slaughter, caught by the indecisive public
You like to think that you're all knowing
Your presumptions are overshadowing
And all of those predispositions to being dead and mind numbingly useless
You can't predict the future so let your body go

With torn up hands, He hangs his tools
Washed of the blood, He writes his words
And he cannot tell, The fools dried up
With the old man staring back at him

Slaughter, never knew about the inside
Tearing through the bone, fractured and faltering
He goes to puncture the stomach
To finalise his studies and walk to his destination
Where he will find no fucking answer

Makes the incision
Takes out the fucking heart
And has no reason, One heavy remark
It was all so certain, He missed the point
Turned his head to the side, Only to find the old man there
Track Name: Silver Tongued Human
Lashed by a silver tongue
Hollow sounds and I felt nothing
Never ready to cross
These heavy open expanses

Plague of active mouths
Running useless retorts
When it's time to leave
You will be duly noted
Marked and corrected
Muted, directed
Only to be left behind
Pulling teeth to stop the speech
Held ransom by the seekers of
the grey clothed populace
Stare to the floor

Nobody wonders to question incentives
Apathy and hopelessness slowly caresses
The insecurities of our generation
All minds made up heading for sole isolation

As if it weren't enough that we were falling
As if it weren't enough that we were driven out
Burnt out

The Silver tongued human has spoken
Successfully installed his motives

Buried heads to keep from talking