Kana Runu

by Grindhouse

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released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Grindhouse Brighton, UK

The piss end of all music

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Track Name: War On My Self
Who are you meant to be?
Ignorant and pestilent
Subject to your own praise
A mockery of your own ways

I'm staring into your soul
A lack of any humility

For what it's worth
you crawl alone
For what it's worth
your self obsession has no home

As other worlds crumble
You relish your own life
As pleasure ruptures
What you claim divine

War on my self
Hollow and incessant
War on my self
Stare at your decaying reflection

Waste of space
You cling to individuality you parasitic fiend
to incite your influence
In yearning abandon from a morally barren place
on broken personas, you feast

Plunging into the waters drown yourself
where your reflection was held
Broken and fucking wry
Crushed and anamorphic
The eye of the critic and the hand of the hangman

War on my self
Ignorant and pestilent
Never willing to accept you are nothing
There's nothing to lose
No pretext or alibi
The sum of all is greater than one

Kill your self fucking scum
Track Name: Distorted Histories Of The Predator
They want conflict
Peel off the skin
The appalling, heretics play pick up sticks and i'm falling down
They want conflict
Peel off the skin
Created my sense of negligence
I could never wish for more

Will i remember when we became liabilities
whilst they sit cruising on their waves
Withered away, contemplate suicide before becoming prey
Whirlpools of misery engulf your every step
If i could hold your hand, i'd let go every time
I could never wish for more

look the other way they're not going nowhere
Seek power in decrepit bodies
look the other way you're not going further
Seek for solace in ambivalence
Deception reigns, temporal weathering
Cast me aside and out of reach
I try to bite the hand that feeds
They say: Take heed

Predator hunts for prey
Lurch on insecurities
Break my arms to leave me alone
Casualties of a game we played

Blood on your hands
What are you looking for?
What is it good for?
Don't hide behind those eyes
What do you expect?
Your privilege remains unchecked

Distorted histories of the predator
I've lost another cog
I never could have wished for more
Track Name: Machiavels
False idol
Knees bent through the silver glass
you came from
the prince will consume you

What you said
was lost to machiavels
inside your head
you know you wouldn't follow footsteps
convenience is your master
shelter from the suffering
a pitfall is where your efforts lay

Isolate yourself
commodify your struggle
lust for existential crises
cry for lost intentions

If you reaped what you sowed
you'd come empty handed
your roots unknown
the seed of an idea discarded

If you reaped what you sowed
life would keep you stranded
your merits crowned
and your ambivalence casted

Too much to follow through
Words to you are medication
Remedy your inactivity
Lie to yourself once again

Convinced that you are fighting
truth never passed from your lips
your hands strangers to labour
The things you carried no longer need you
When all is lost, you destroy
when all is lost, you destroy your love
About as much a saviour as a dismantled machine
About as much a virtue as hoarding dead leaves

Of all the things to be, a machievel I see
of all your failures placed, a throne the prince does sit
The tongue of an ox slithers in your mouth
what uselessness what manipulation

When all is lost you destroy
When all is lost you destroy your love
Acts of equivocation add to insignificance

We've lost you all to machiavels

Liars, thieves, scum, vitriol
Track Name: Kingdoms Were The Blueprints
Modern life has worn it's veil
Naked it's foundations laid right to the core

With a cross by the chest
And a sword in the side
All before are second best
Bleeding for the proletariat

Crushing the weak,
Obsolete lives plea.
Go ahead and run the show
Venerable methods to division and conquest

Just remember
that we know
that you are nothing
and we are everything

I am the terrorist you search for
Your thirst for power I crave to destroy.
I aim to terrorise your agenda of desolation,
an attempt for solidarity

I am the executioner, ideological warfare breaches my veins
but my will for us cannot be deterred
It can never be silenced
it cannot be put down
suffocated or muted

Draconian world; tear me apart
Take me right back to the start
where I can live and breathe again
a new life of unity

Tear my soul, scratch my eyes
Take my guise, take my temper
Rip my bare bones from my body

If killing the vulnerable and the weak is your answer
Consider yourself my primal aim, the crux of all transgression

If reaping lands across the seas is your answer
then expect for reaction as actions have consequences

If exploiting all you see is your answer
may your inhuman acts wear thin on your skin

If you deem others unlike yourself as unequal
I hope you carry your burden until your back breaks in half

If drilling a hole inside the world is your answer to common living,
Then I have no place on this earth,
My soul

Light up my soul